Dual-Cab Ute Storage Drawers Install

Dual-Cab Ute Storage Drawers Install


Upgrade your dual-cab ute’s storage ability, and take full advantage of the storage space in your ute tub by installing a set of Titan 1300mm Dual-Cab Ute Drawers! Installation is incredibly easy, helped by the fact that the Titan 1300mm Ute Drawers come 90% pre-assembled, with the hardest part of the job being the need to drill a couple of mounting holes to secure the drawers to your ute. The rest of the job is done with a 4mm allen key, and the whole job can easily be done in an afternoon!


Titan 1300mm Twin Ute Drawers


4mm allen key or 4mm impact driver bit, drill, de-burring tool, sockets and spanners


Can of spray-paint, marking pen or pencil



Unbox your Titan 1300mm ute drawers and lay them down flat. Inside one of the drawers you’ll find a bag with fitting hardware – remove this and set aside.


Using a 4mm allen key or impact driver bit, remove the tops from both drawers. You’ll need to remove all the spring-loaded tie-down points, each with 4 mounting bolts, as well as the flat-head flush-mount mounting bolt that are recessed into the carpet. Don’t force the tops off the drawer frames – if they won’t simply lift off, you’ve missed a bolt.


Remove the drawers from the frame, and lift the empty frame into place in your ute tub. Take the time to position them exactly where you want the drawers to sit – it can either be fitted hard up against the headboard to give extra space at the tailgate end of the tub, or pulled forward for storage space behind the drawers. Trial fit one drawer back into the frame and make sure your tailgate closes properly without interference.


Remove the drawer from the frame, and mark the position of the four mounting holes to drill. Take care to ensure brake lines, fuel tank and similar underneath the tub won’t be damaged while drilling these holes. The mounts can be moved up and down the underside of the drawer frame to find the best mounting hole location, and you can use any of the slotted holes in the mounts, but for maximum stability choose ones that are as wide apart as possible.


Remove the drawer frame and drill the four mounting holes, enlarging to 10mm. Deburr the holes that you’ve just drilled, and give them a touch-up of paint on the freshly drilled metal to prevent rust. If you have a hard tonneau cover fitted, it’s fine to leave this in place and drill the mounting holes right through it.


Once paint is dry, re-fit the drawer frames and secure with the nuts, bolts and washers through all four holes, tightening so that the frame is now properly secured.


Now it’s time to install the drawers themselves. Fit one drawer into place, and then locate the black rubber drawer stoppers with the nylon nuts fitted into them. Once of these needs to go on each side of the drawer at the headboard end – locate the holes, fit the bolts through them and then fit the drawer stoppers and tighten. This will now prevent your drawer from coming out of the frame. Repeat for the other drawer.


Finally, re-fit the two drawer tops, taking note of which one goes on the fridge slide on the left, refit the spring-loaded tie-down points and secure with all the mounting bolts. The round-head bolts go into the tie-down points, the flat-head bolts go through the carpet into the frame. You’re done – enjoy!

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