How to Easily Install a Vehicle Awning

How to Easily Install a Vehicle Awning

How to Easily Install a Vehicle Awning

An awning is one of the most useful upgrade you can make to your vehicle – whether it’s for camping, the kids sports or even the jobsite! And not only is it useful, but it’s also incredibly affordable – and incredibly easy to install too! In fact you only need a 13mm spanner or socket and about 20 minutes – let’s look at how to do it.



The first step is unbox your new side awning – but be careful here, because if you use a knife and aren’t careful, you risk cutting a slice into your awning’s protective cover, which will let in rain. The best bet is to lay it down on the ground, and carefully run a knife along the packing tape at one end, letting you remove the awning from the box.


Whether you’ve chosen an Adventure Kings Premium Side Awning with the included mounts, or you’ve purchased a set of optional mounts for your regular Kings side awning, the installation process is the same. Locate your mounts and set them aside in a safe spot, then position your awning on top of your roofrack to find the position you want it to sit it when it’s mounted.


Next, install the L-bracket mounts onto your roofrack. The exact method here will vary depending on your style of roofrack – but on these common-design mesh Roofracks, you simply fit the L bracket on top, the sandwich plate underneath the mesh and clamp tightly together with the bolts and nuts.


Now, fit the four mounting bolts into the track on the rear of the awning frame. They’re designed to let you position the mounts just about wherever you want them, but it’s a good idea to spread them as wide as possible. Line the bolts up roughly with where the L-brackets are.


Flip the awning over, and feed the mounting bolts through the holes in the L brackets. This is a slightly awkward job, so if you’re not feeling confident, get a mate to help – otherwise you risk scratching your paintwork if you drop the awning while fitting to the brackets. Add the nylon nuts and finger tighten them to hold your awning in position for the moment.


Finally, tighten up the nylon nuts until they’re fully tight, and that’s the job done – we told you it was easy! Now all that’s left to do is get out there and awning that incredible new shelter, wherever you need it.

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Adventure Kings awning, Awning Mounting Brackets (if not included)


13mm spanner or socket